The Yahoo! Case

In 2000, a French court ruled that the Internet company, Yahoo!, must ban its French users from English-language sites that auctioned Nazi books and other paraphernalia. Basically, the court was asking Yahoo! to filter out French users to certain parts of its many sites. Yahoo! claimed that because services are governed by U.S. law, auctions of such materials cannot be barred because of the U.S. constitutional right to freedom of speech. In November 2001, a U.S. District Court ruled that this French decision could not be enforced in U.S. courts. The court held that the First Amendment protects content created in the United States by American companies from regulation by countries that have more restrictive free speech laws. Subsequently, the League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism and the French Union of Jewish Students have sought an appeal claiming that French law should not be overruled by U.S. law.

Inside The Yahoo! Case