Benefits of Internet Advertising

Despite the negative aspects of Internet ads, they do actually serve a useful function for both consumers and those who have websites. For consumers, Internet advertising provides them with one enormous advantage: free access to websites. Many websites use the revenue generated by ads to pay for the web hosting service that allows them to appear in the Internet in the first place.

From the website’s perspective, accepting ads allows people to have free access. Without the ads, the sites would likely need to charge a fee to remain viable and pay for web hosting services (which include the space on the Internet to run the site).

Advertising can be done via email as well. This is a highly cost-effective way for companies to reach customers or potential customers. Typically, a company will collect the email addresses of customers and ask them whether they wish to be sent special offers or company news via email. Those who say yes will get periodic product updates and special purchase officers delivered electronically. Customers can opt into or out of the system. Email has the advantage of quick delivery and minimal cost; even a company that has no website can send e mail.

Inside Benefits of Internet Advertising