Print, Radio, and TV Advertising

A simple example is a print advertisement in a newspaper or magazine that includes the line, “Mention this ad and receive an additional discount on our services.” The advertiser had an accurate and coste-ffective way of determining how successful the ad was; if hundreds of people mentioned it, the ad was working, but if no one mentioned it, the ad needed to be changed or dropped. Ads of this type also appear on radio and television.

An ad that asks people to list their name and address and asks them to send that information to the advertiser is designed to perform two functions. First, it allows the advertiser to track individuals and reach them directly with product and service offers. Second, it allows the consumer to receive targeted information about products that he or she may be interested in purchasing. For a consumer who sees this as a service, this works well for everyone concerned. A consumer who has no interest in getting mail or telephone calls from advertisers can simply ignore requests for additional information.

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