Advertising Becomes More Intrusive

As technology made it easier for records to be kept, it became increasingly difficult for people to remain anonymous. As marketing became a more definitive science in the latter half of the twentieth century, more people found themselves subjected to ads in the mail and on the telephone. Anyone with a telephone number and a mailing address could expect to be contacted by advertisers. People who did business with a company and paid by credit card or people who submitted their names to local businesses offering free prizes, might find themselves being targeted with specific offers. Junk mail, junk phone calls, and even junk faxes have become a fact of life for virtually everyone. People who switch to unlisted telephone numbers often find that they get calls for the last person before them to hold that number. Organizations such as the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) can help consumers get off mail and telephone lists, but other lists do continue to crop up.

Inside Advertising Becomes More Intrusive