View Through Conversions

Be careful with view through conversions especially those that charge you for this service. You should evaluate whether view through marketing actually works for you or not. You may find that it does not. We found that all we were doing was paying for sales by people who viewed our ad and purchased later most of whom would have purchased anyway.

In fact, we found that even orders being taken by our Customer service department were being counted as view though conversions by the Company that was providing the service to us. Why? Because our representatives had viewed a site that contained our ad that was placed by the Company.

Think about it this way. If Amazon offered view through conversion for a fee they could get a piece of your sales that you would have received anyway. This is because many of your customers would have visited a page on Amazon that contained your ad and had a cookie placed on their computer.

If you try a view through conversion Company and it increases your sales great. But I suggest if you are already using one if you stop you may just see little change in sales and possibly find that you are giving away part of sales you would have received anyway.

If you don’t get the picture yet consider this. It is possible to buy ads on sites and services that can cover a large percentage of the web users and these users get a cookie placed on their computer just because the ad was on a page they viewed. They later buy a product from you totally unrelated to the ad and cookie but you pay a fee for the view through conversion anyway. Local news and newspaper sites appear to be major targets for these type ads.

I’m not sure but something seems terribly wrong with this practice especially if you are not informed and appropriate disclosures made. Some law firm may have a field day with this in the future.

Posted by: Frank D. Edens, CEO,